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Antibiotic resistance is crisis we can’t ignore

15 Nov , 2017  

What is Antibiotic Resistance ?

Antibiotics are substances produced by one microorganisms that inhibits the growth of another. Antibiotics are used as medicines to prevent and treat diseases caused by bacteria. Antibiotic resistances occurs when some bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. Bacteria resistance to specific antibiotics are difficult to treat, it requires alternative medications with higher dose


Causes for antibiotic resistance :

  1. Overuse of antibiotics
  2. Genetic mutations
  3. Some bacteria are naturally resistance against antibiotics
  4. Antibiotics also kills good bacterias that prevent illness
  5. Resistant bacteria will multiply and become more stronger it replaces the number of bacteria killed by antibiotics
  6. Some bacteria become resistant through other drug resistance bacteria.
  7. Antibiotics are given to animals to prevent and treat infections. Antibiotic resistance bacteria are transferred from animals to humans
  8. Spread of infections


Methods to prevent antibiotic resistance :

  1. Avoid overuse of antibiotics
  2. Avoid taking self medications
  3. Take the medications prescribed by your physician
  4. Should not skip the prescribed antibiotics
  5. Antibiotics have no effects on viral disease
  6. Avoid taking antibiotics for viral infections like common cold,sore throat,sinus infections, ear infections, cough
  7. Prevent spread of infections
  8. Maintain hygiene

Antibiotic resistant bacteria :

  1. WHO divide it into three categories
  2. The most critical multidrug resistant bacteria are acinetobacter,pseudomonas,klebsiella,E.coli,serratia and proteus. They cause deadly disease such as bloodstream infections and pneumonia.
  3. The second more common disease caused by drug resistance bacteria is gonorrhoea.
  4. The third one is the drug resistance salmonella causes food poisoning


Conclusion :

Awareness about antibiotic resistance is more important because it cause serious public health problems. Disease caused by drug resistant bacteria are difficult to treat. Treatment cost for this kind of diseases is expensive. Some drug resistance bacteria may cause deadly diseases, So everyone should be aware of antibiotic resistance.


Guest Author Contribution : Dr. Sheeba Gracy

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