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TheOneSpy: Complete Review, Mobile & Computer Apps

4 Jan , 2018  

Technology has been advanced for a couple of decades and people are continuously adopting modern tech-creatures. Today we have cell phones running with Android, Windows, Blackberries, and IOS operating systems and PCs that are Windows and MACs. These contemporary machines and gadgets are very common these days. People are using technological machines and gadgets no time ever before. We have seen these things in everyone’s hands and in offices. On the other hand, the whole world has to use these things in order to make their lives comfortable, progressive and to earn the income which they spend on their family.

But when it comes to the vulnerabilities these machines and gadgets need to be protected and have to be monitored. Young kids and teens use these machines and devices for making conversations through text messages, calls, shared media files and employees within the business organizations use this stuff in order to get productivity and to maintain the workflow to meet the competitive challenges. However, there are so many factors has involved over the years that force parents to monitor kids and teens cell phones, employees assigned computers and people who are in a relationship.

A Short Introduction of TOS :

TheOneSpy is basically best Phone Spy APP over last decade for parenting, employee monitoring, and data backup and for spouse tracking. All of its products are based on plenty of state of the art tools that allow the user to get the job done efficiently and accurately. It’s customer care team is fully dedicated in order to guide their clients 24/7. The interface of the Mobile Phone, Windows & MAC Spy APP is user-friendly that makes it far better than its competitors. The reasonable price shows that the software of each product was designed to serve humanity to the fullest. Let’s discuss all of its products and their features respectively.


TOS All Products :

Cell phone spy software :

TheOneSpy has one of the best cell phone tracking app that enables a user to track the activities happen on the target mobile phone to the fullest along with the complete time stamp and accuracy. The user can use it on different types of mobile operating systems such as on all Android Phones, iPhone, Blackberries, and Tablets as well.

  • Monitoring APP for Androids
  • Spy Program for iPhone
  • Blackberries
  • Tablets Monitoring

The Ultimate Features of TOS Cell Phone Spy :

(i). GPS Location Tracking :

It enables a user to track the location of a target phone no matter what if it is Android, IOS, windows, and blackberry. It further empowers a user to view current location, location history, and weekly location history and mark safe and restricted areas.

(ii). Bug their Phone :

It enables a user to listen to the surround vices and sounds as well as live call recording by using the MIC bug. Furthermore, a user can use spyvidcam to make short videos through back and front camera and take photos of the surrounds through camera bug.

(iii). TOS Spy 360 :

A user can use it to listen to real-time surround listening with spy 360 real-time surround listening, to get live streaming of cell phone camera through spy 360 camera streaming and get live screen broadcasting on a dashboard with spy 360 live screen sharing.

(iv). Spy on Calls :

A user can spy on live calls and visit the call history and save it to the internet for a reminder.

(v). Remotely Phone Controller :

It empowers parents to remotely control the cell phone device and it allows user to view installed apps remotely, block internet, text messages and even the internet remotely.

(vi). IM’s Social Media Tracking :

A user can spy on all the trendy social messaging apps and get access to the IM’s logs, chat conversations, shared media files and even on VOIP calls.

(vii). Text Messages Spy :
If you want to spy on messages sent or received then you can use text messages spy and get your hands on SMS, MMS, iMessages and even on heads-up tickers notification.

(viii). Live Screen Recording :

It helps out user to do the live screen recording of the target smartphone and further can do chrome screen recording, IM’s recording, YouTube screen recording, password chaser and plenty of other screen activities.

TOS Topnotch

TOS Computer Monitoring Products :

The user can use the computer monitoring app and can track the activities on all kinds of laptop desktop machines mentioned in the following. Let’s discuss their features individually.

Windows Surveillance spyware

User-Friendly Reports :

It provides time to time reports to the user about the activities happen on the target windows laptop or desktop machine. The user will be able to know what is really happening on the target window device.

On-Demand Screen Shots :

Parents, employees, and spouses can use the on-demand screenshot tool to get to know what is happening in the teens, employees, and partners computer machines respectively at the moment.

Block Websites :

Block all the inappropriate websites and apps by putting the URL into the filters and put your worries to rest.

Mighty Alarms :

It warns the users that on some particular activities on which a user have fixed alarms on the target device.

Real-Time Monitoring :

A user can do real-time monitoring of each and every single activity happen on the target mobile phone device such as calls, text messages, shard media files and who really is up to on the machines.

MAC Tracking APP :

MIC Bug :

The user can use it and get to know the surrounds sounds on the device and even around the MAC machine. The user just has to send the command to the device and once it’s been received it will record the conversations and sounds around the machine.

Camera Bug :

Use it and get to know who is up to on the target MAC laptop and desktop

Screen Recording :

You can record the screen activities through back to back shot videos by using the front camera of the MAC PCs.

Keylogger :

Get your hands on all the keystrokes applied to the device such as password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and email keystrokes.

Website Blocking :

User can block all the inappropriate websites by adding the URL to the filters

Screenshots :

When your target person is using the cell phone and you have already installed the TOS MAC monitoring program to get the real-time screenshots.


TOS is the best cell phones, windows and MAC monitoring software that help out user to do the effective surveillance of the target cell phone or computers.

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