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The World’s Fastest Supersonic Cruise Missile – #BrahMos

22 Nov , 2017  

Brahmos, the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile created history today (Nov. 22nd, 2017) after it was successfully flight-tested first time from Indian Air force (IAF) frontline fighter Aircraft Sukhoi-30MKI against a sea based target in the Bay of Bengal.

The Missile was gravity dropped from the Su-30 from fuselage, and the two stage missile’s engine fired up and straightway propelled towards the intended target at the sea in Bay of Bengal. The Missile test was witnessed by Dr. Sudhir Mishra, DG (BrahMos) & CEO & MD, BrahMos Aerospace along with senior IAF Officials, Scientists and Officials from DRDO and BrahMos.

Jet with Brahmos

Brahmos is a game changer for India’s security forces as it is a world class weapon with multi-platform, multi-mission row which can now fire from all mediums such as Land, Air and Water, which has successfully completing the tactical cruise missile triad for India.

The missile jointly designed by India and Russia is the fastest of its kind with a strike range of 290 km and carries a conventional warhead up to 300 kgs. Armed with supersonic speed and high precision, the missile has a supersonic speed of Mach 2.8.

With BrahMos-Sukhoi combination Indian Air Force becomes Invincible, and No country in the world has BrahMos like missile installed on their Flighter Jet. The fighter(Su-30) aircraft was deployed with heaviest weapon weighing 2.5 ton.


Characteristics :

  • Supersonic cruise Missile with a 290 Km range
  • Developed Jointly by India and Russia after project sanctioned in October 1999
  • Named after Brahmaputra and Moskva Rivers.
  • Precision Strike

Induction :

  • Indian armed forces have placed orders worth over Rs. 31,000 Crore till now.
  • Army has already inducted three BrahMos Regiments.
  • Navy has inducted the Missile on 10 Warships.
  • IAF Sukhol-30MKI fighter conducted “BrahMos Carriage Trials” in June and “Separation Trails” later this month.

Exports :

  • India and Russia had earlier agreed to sell BrahMos to “Friendly third-world countries” identified by Mutual Consent.
  • India now looking to export BrahMos to Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines as well as other countries in Gulf and Latin America.

Credits :

Picture Courtesy : Brahmos and Daily Mail

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