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Top 6 iPhone Parental Monitoring Applications

31 Oct , 2017  

Certainly, every parent likes to build a safer and protected space for their children both offline and online. With the increasing utility of iPhone applications across the globe, there is a hell of a lot of unwanted troubles will keep coming in the form of cybercrimes. Of course, no parent likes or wants to spy on their children’s life whether at school or social media networking platforms, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. With great iPhone monitoring applications, parents can keep tabs on kids so that they can prevent their kids from becoming a prey of cybercrimes.

To make your job simpler, we have compiled a list of the amazing parental control apps for applications for iPhone users which you certainly start utilizing.

1. Netsanity

This is the most suited parental monitoring applications that are available for iPhone users. This app can efficiently run on all iOS devices including iPad and other iOS gadgets. With the help of Netsanity app, parents can efficiently keep an eye on every activity of their kid’s smartphone from anytime anywhere. This app can also be utilized to filter out the content which parents think is inappropriate for their kids.

In addition, parents can limit the utility of any application or choose time intervals for the smartphone or any other device to be utilized with the help of the Netsanity application. Basic plan starts from nearly $60.00 a year for one device. Also, parents can give a 2-week trial to check out its amazing features.

2. Spyzie

In case you are searching for an app that supports multi-language and has extremely advanced surveillance on kids, then Spyzie is the right application for parent monitoring activity. Without having to install any additional application on your children’s iPhone, this app perfectly works with the iCloud ID on the smartphone or other gadgets that have to be monitored. Parents can also maintain a real-time tracking on each and every step kids make without their knowledge. Right from tracking text messages to receiving notifications pertaining to the call list and managing famous texting applications like WhatsApp and Snapchat to images of MMS filtering, Spyzie is the perfect parental monitoring application for all iPhone users.

The main advantage of this app is that parents do not require any kind of application to monitor iPhone other than downloading the Spyzie control panel application to check for the monitored information. This app has a very good compatibility with various versions of iOS devices and the main information that is viewed on a dashboard can also be accessed from all browsers. The premium plan of Spyzie application starts around $10.00 a month.

3. Family Time

This app is fast and very simple to utilize. Family Time application has every feature that a parent needs for monitoring the kid’s iPhone device. The application has inbuilt features such as homework mode, bedtime mode, etc. which will assist you in automating activities. In addition, the application consists a cutting-edge technology of location tracking and geo-fencing features.

With the help of this application, the process of monitoring kids will become much easier for parents especially monitoring kids social media networking activities like Facebook and Instagram. The application has an extremely advanced feature of restricting your kid’s utility of applications, iTunes, and much more. If your kids are in their teens then you can also activate Teensafe mode such as “Pick me up” which can be utilized in emergency situations. This app provides its amazing services for users under $2.00 a month.

4. Teensafe

It is the perfect and accurate application for iPhone users who are all concerned with their children’s online activities and protect them from cyber crimes or any other sort of inappropriate content. Right from monitoring their kids’ text messages and call log to tracking their location and checking Internet history, parents can do a lot and save their children from cyberbullying with the help of this app.

This app is built exclusively for parents to not only keep an eye on their children’s online activities but also protect them from cyber crimes and other activities. Teensafe has an attractive and helpful dashboard that will assist you in bringing all the information that is related to your kids’ activities under one roof. The important benefit that this app has over other parental monitoring applications is that it is free.

5. PhoneSheriff

Just like the name says, this app will assist you in monitoring and control your children’s activities on their iPhone device. This app is extremely compatible with all iOS versions and also provides you the feature of blocking contacts or even messages on the monitor device within no time. Parents can also receive real-time location tracking of their kids iPhone device. PhoneSheriff provides a detailed report of your kids’ activity on the dashboard which can be accessed from any time and any location.

In addition, with the help of this app, parents can also Run highly device monitoring just by setting particular time limitations or even blocking inappropriate content which they think is bad for their children. The application also gives you a detailed information on images, videos, or any other sort of content which your kid saved on their iPhone device. Parents can have this amazing application starting from around $90 a year.

6. Netnanny

This is one of the oldest and famous iPhone monitoring apps that is available in the market. The application has amazing features like social media platforms monitoring, time management, etc. Moreover, this application comes with a load of extremely advanced features such as receiving real-time notification and reports, customized user profile and much more. Netnanny provides its plan from $12 a device.

Well, the above mentioned are some of the best iPhone parental monitoring apps that parents can try for providing a better environment to their kids.

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