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Top 6 High End PaaS Solution to suit your NodeJS app hosting needs

28 Oct , 2017  

After having embraced by industry biggies like PayPal and Walmart, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing NodeJS for creating bespoke applications in an efficient way. If you too have recently completed the task of building a fabulous NodeJS app, then it’s time to look into its hosting. The reason being very simple.

A NodeJS app that’s not been hosted well won’t impress the targeted users. Well, through this post, I intend to introduce you to six outstanding PaaS solutions which can turn to be helpful in hosting your Node.js application. So, let me take you on this journey of six stunning PaaS solutions that prove truly beneficial for efficient hosting of Node.js applications.

  1. Linode
  2. dotCloud
  3. Digital Ocean
  4. Modulus
  5. Nodejitsu
  6. Openshift

Linode :

Linode has emerged as one of the most reliable Node.js app hosting service package starting from $10/month. After you’re done with purchasing Linode service package, you simply need to choose a data center called distro which will further be utilized for deploying your Node.js application. Linode has an entire hub of high-performance SSD Linux servers which can meet any kind of infrastructure need. Some remarkable features available with Linode include: SSD storage, 40Gbit network, Intel E5 Processors, Two-factor authentication, IPv6 support, DNS Manager and many more.

dotCloud :

dotCloud is a highly commendable PaaS solution for effective hosting of NodeJS applications. With this solution, you’ll be able to make your apps public at a price as low as $4.32/month. Key features included with dotCloud are: easy database integration, websocket support, loading npm dependencies via package.json, CLI and many more. Whether your website’s traffic changes on an hourly or yearly basis; with dotCloud you can effortlessly leverage the computing power of the Cloud at your fingertips.

Digital Ocean :

If want to host your Node.js app in a convenient manner, nothing can beat Digital Ocean. As a robust SSD cloud hosting service, Digital Ocean offers packages starting from as low as $5. With Digital Ocean, you can use a web based console for managing your web server in a hassle-free way. Supported by a strong community of designers and developers, Digital Ocean is there to offer you every possible assistance on installation and configuration of your Node.js application. You’ll be definitely be surprised to note that Digital Ocean already has over 400,000 dvelopers on-board, choosing it for deploying their Nodejs apps in the quickest and convenient way.

Modulus :

Choose Modulus for deploying, scaling and monitoring your Node.js applications in a language of your choice. As yet another remarkable cloud hosting solution for Node.js apps, Modulus offers a CLI tool modulus for managing the Node.js apps in the most efficient manner. Some of the most refined features offered by Modulus include: Integrated MongoDB database, Websockets support, custom domains, multiple Node versions and free custom SSL certificates. The lack of tier based pricing in Modulus lets you pay only for the service(s) you use.

Nodejitsu :

Nodejitsu is a brilliant PaaS cloud-hosting solution dedicated to deployment of Node.js applications. Offering you a command line interface called jitsu, Nodejitsu enables you to deploy your Node.js apps in a handy way. Plus, there are other user-friendly tools which aid you in performing the app deployment process in a simple fashion. There is also an easy-to-use web interface which offers you excellent convenience of managing your NodeJS applications. Some out-of-the-box features which make Nodejitsu one of the most recommended cloud hosting solutions for Node.js include: freedom to choose the data centre of your choice, continuous app deployment via Travis CI and GitHub, Isolated NPM Infrastructure and free hosting for open source Node.js apps.

Openshift :

Opt for Openshift for developing, scaling and hosting your apps in the cloud. As a brilliant Open Hybrid cloud application platform by Red Hat, Openshift comes with a free service plan which allows you to host up to three applications. Plus, you also have an added flexibility of adding custom domains for your Node.js apps. As a beginner in the world of Node.js mobile app development, you can use Openshift’s free tier for testing your app for any kind of bugs. Moreover, Openshift also offers Sliver and Bronze plans which entails professional support for flawless app hosting.

Conclusion :

Now that you’re well abreast with six top-notch PaaS solutions available for hosting Node.js apps, I’m pretty sure you’d have chosen your pick. So, what’s the waiting for. Get going now and host your Node.js app in the most remarkable way.

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