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6 Incredible Ways to Measure Customer Experience Strategy

5 May , 2017  

If you are one those companies who are into app businesses then you surely might have heard and aware of the never ending process of the testing procedure that any mobile app has to go through before it is made available in the app stores (Play Store & App Store). Of course, no matter how many tests we do, the actual test of the app will be taken by users when it goes live. The results of such test could either both ways (Positive and negative). If your app is great without any bugs or errors then the users will give good ratings and reviews otherwise it could go the other way around.

However, the notable thing in this case is that if users are happy and then it is well and good but if they are not then they likely not going to return. But is the risk involved in this case something that every app business owner should take?

A Good Option :

As there are already millions of apps in the app stores, your mobile app development indeed should have a “Wow” factor in order to stand out from the app flock. All these things are driven by one thing and that is “User experience.” This is where your A/B testing of the app and also making it available only to a limited number of users will be considered as a good option.

No one is denying that your mobile app is not developed properly or the way it supposed to but it is also said that “Better safe than sorry”.

Injecting User Experience :

According to a report, nearly 78% of customers have left the transaction process incomplete due to unsatisfactory customer experience. Customers are even willing to pay more to get better services and better customer experience.

There’s more to it,

We all know and understand the importance and need of a good customer experience. But is that alone enough to make it to the top? Competition is a part of any business but you can not just ignore the fact that a poor customer experience could be a big negative point for your business.

That is why we are discussing about the incredible ways in which you can measure the customer experience for your successful mobile app development business.

(#1). Analytical Tools :

You might already have been using integrated app store analytics and developer console but other good 3rd-party tools for analytics that simply work great for your business. Those apps will help you in having a better insight on your users’ app usage.

The tools will let you know about time spent, customer demographics, locations, and other useful app usage information. With such helpful information in hand, it will become a lot easier for the developer to fix any app issues and present a new, flawless app.

(#2). Analyzing User Ratings & Reviews :

User ratings and reviews are the best way to find if your app is performing well or not. If not, then what are the issues users are facing. Any rating which is less than 5 stars can be considered that the app has a loop hole. Make sure your developers work on those issues and get them fixed as soon as possible. If users have any suggestions about new features, you can try adding them too.

(#3). In APP Feedback :

Find out how much productive time your users spend on your mobile application. This will be useful for you in evaluating if your users are facing any kind of problem in operating the app. If they are interested at all then you can find some alternatives. Even though the reasons may differ, the study will help you in taking appropriate measures to improve the user experience.

(#4). Track Every App Session :

Sharing feedback in front of lakhs of users is a different thing. But interacting personally with your app users is altogether another thing. Doing so will let you maintain your app clean and good from the outside in the app store. In addition, you will be able to create a strong loyal user base.

(#5). Utilizing Demographics :

The user demographics will not only let you get acquainted with your app famous location but also assists you in customizing the app depending on your user’s age, gender, and location of your app users. If you are successful at executing this then you can likely appeal more to masses and retention.

(#6). Understand Their Concerns :

You need not to wait for your users to write a review or like or dislike your app. You can actually try finding yourself if there is anything wrong with the app; If yes then what is it? In order to find this out, you first need to think from a user’s perspective. Think like a user, use the app like a user, and finally act like a developer. There are numerous tools that are available in the market such as Google Alerts, Twitter mentions, etc. that can effectively help you in understanding what your users think about your mobile app. Ultimately, you can track them with the help of tools like Awario and lots of other tools that will help you track your company’s brand noted online.

Final Thoughts :

Being a smartphone app business owner, providing impeccable user experiences is highly important for your business to survive in the long-term. Without the successful execution of the same, you may face obstacles with companies that offer great customer experiences.

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