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List of Top 7 Social Media Analytics Tools

29 Oct , 2015  

Introduction to Social Media :

Marketing is the most influential technique that can help business organizations to boost their brand image and sell products to the customers across the world. But, now you can connect with the people online in the social space where you can convey a message related to your company and your products.

Social media is one of the effective platforms where more and more people are getting connected to explore, share and experience new information, products, and services. Therefore, the vast majority of website owners are utilizing the social media platforms to promote and sell their products and services.

But due to stiff online competition, it is important for you to opt for a tool that can measure your achievements and deterioration. In order to perform this task, we bring you the list of top seven social media analytics tools that will measure your social marketing techniques and make it more effective.

1. Google Analytics :
Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is one of the popular web marketing tools that enhance performance across your websites, applications, and offline marketing. With this, you can convert your customer insights into action for your business.
  • It added social media reports to ensure the conversion rates from web visitors to social media sites.
  • It is a free social media analytics tool.
  • It comes with activity stream features that will help you understand what your users are talking about your website over social media platforms.
  • Find out what your visitors are sharing and where they are sharing your content.

2. Moz Analytics :
Moz Analytics

  • Moz Analytics measures and boost your traffic, improve visibility and increases keyword ranking.
  • It tracks the performance of your inbound marketing achievements at one place, including social activities.
  • It displays the relationship between your site content, SEO and inbound links.
  • Makes it easy to examine your efforts and gives advices that can help you increase your campaigns.
  • Filters your data by removing cluttered one.

3. Buffer :

  • It is a robust Social media analytics that allows you to plan your posts, without even accessing your social media profiles.
  • Allows you to select the most suitable social media site where you can post your content.
  • In the free plan, you can easily cross check the user engagement for each and every post update.
  • More than two million people are using this tool every day.
  • It offers quick and simple posting methods.

4. Followerwonk :

  • Followerwonk is an excellent tool designed for your twitter.
  • It fetches information related to your customers such as type of followers, their tweets, their location, and more.
  • Followerwonk has the ability to find, analyze and optimize for boosting your social growth.
  • It finds Twitter bios to connect with everyone and compares Twitter accounts to find overlaps and set up new influences.
  • You can analyze by breaking down your followers according to their location, bio and other type of information.
  • You can optimize by matching your activities to know your follower’s reactions about your site.

5. Cyfe :

  • Cyfe monitors your online presences via a single dashboard.
  • Fetches data from majorly used services such as Google and Salesforce by using inbuilt widgets.
  • Integrates all of your online presences from popular social media websites to Salesforce.
  • You can customize your dashboard with ease.
  • It comes with real-time reports and historical data.
  • Exports the data in multiple forms that can be utilized in presentations.

6. Keyhole :

  • It comes with real-time dashboard that displays number of people who have posted with your hastag, along with the Retweets, Likes and Impressions regarding your campaign.
  • Checkout the performance of your hastags.
  • Enables you to save your hashtag searches.
  • Keyhole tracks the targeted customer who is engaged with your keywords and reaches out to them to promote your content and boost your brand image.

7. Viralwoot :

  • ViralWoot offers a one-stop solution for your online marketing requirements via Pinterest.
  • It gives an idea when to pin an image at the right time and also tracks your online presence.
  • It comes with user-friendly interface and allows you pin and promote pictures with ease.

Conclusion :

In this blog post, we have collected the top seven Social Media Analytics Tools that will help you track your online presence and social marketing strategies in order to boost your search engine ranking.

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